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Personal Studies

General / 05 January 2021

I got a new laptop over the holidays so I did a very small lighting study over the weekend in Unreal 4 to see how the new machine works.

Scene is - Spaceship Interior Environment Set by Denys Rutkovskyi which I got from the Unreal Marketplace. Nothing in this scene was modeled, textured, or laid out by me.

Lighting was torn out completely and redone by me, a mix baked lighting and dynamic with Volumetrics using Exponential Height Fog

Likely will want to do more of these as they are good practice and more expansive than just lighting individual material balls~

My Year in Review

General / 01 January 2020

Hi everyone c:

This is my big appreciation post to everyone who ever supported my work this year. For some of you who dont know, I graduated from SCAD in June 2018 which was a very big day for me. My mother had passed away three years prior and was the one who had always pushed me to better myself and be more proactive. Because of the support this site gave me, I was able to push beyond and receive my first job in the game industry at Naughty Dog, where I am surrounded by people who love what they do.

When I graduated I didn't know what I wanted to do with myself. I didn't feel like I was a very good environment artist but I found my calling with Substance, but working off of a dingy laptop in my public library, all of you who ever gave me a glance or liked my art was the validation I needed to know that I was doing 'something' correct. As my follower count grew, I knew that I was doing something that people enjoyed, but even more importantly, I was enjoying it as well. It's a psychological thing for people to be engrossed in their social media, and think they are talented only because their numbers are increasing, which I've found now being at my job for a time...I care less and less about that. When someone is trying to enter the industry, my follower count was the only validation I had. "Hey, people in the industry liked your work and like what you do" and how that has slowly chipped away at my psyche as I realize now I'm making art for me and that I like.

I really want to give so many shout outs to people on this website, I really do. I have so many people in Dinusty, I have so many people I met through SCAD, my facebook, you name it. I could go on and on and on. Everyone here who gave me that initial push and still inspires me by making great art of their own, it makes me have the itch to do art again on my own time, but only for myself. Thats one of my new years resolutions. Care less about my numbers going up (Or down) and care more about making the best product I can. I'm past the phase of my life where I feel like that matters, and realistically, nobody should think that way. It's just what happened to me.

So all of you, when you see art that inspires you, make good art because its what YOU want to make. Make good art that inspires you, in fact, just make art! Thats my new years resolution to you guys, make some great art, and make art because you enjoy it!

My other is to read more books without pictures ;)

So cheers to everyone for a great 2019, thank you for your support, for helping me get into the industry, and making my mom so happy, wherever she may be. I'll continue to work hard and improve and make games everyone enjoys playing, my dream since I was 11. Connect each other through these amazing worlds :D

Seeya soon 2020



General / 30 August 2019

Hi ya'll!

Ok so Middle of June was a very bad estimate. I've been really busy with work and with my life, enjoying that Ive taken some time off to avoid burnout from my long grind into the industry. However I have recently really wanted to go and start those tutorials.

THIS time I won't have an exact date because we all know how that went, but aside from general nodes, if you guys have any suggestions for topics you want me to cover, feel free to let me know via dm!~ I check them daily and my twitter.

I also wanted to take the time to congratulate everyone who won/got honorable mention in the artstation challenge! There were so many awesome submissions and that was extremely motivating to see all the wonderful art. It's been honestly super hard trying to balance work and personal work and having a social life and trying to stay healthy, but thats just the new challenges I face in the industry! Every day I get a little more comfortable and think, it's ok to have lazy days or just go outside and enjoy life.

Thank you guys for the continued support, as my artstation continues to get followers and people send me nice dms that they like my work. You all make it worth it. Cheers!


PS. Fire Emblem has consumed my soul

Pixel Pusher Podcast - Episode #1 with Charlie Foreman, Texture Artist at Naughty Dog!

General / 02 June 2019

Hey guys!

I was on a podcast last week with my good buds Dylan Abernethy and Ryan Levac! Originally I was approached for being on because we were friends and I had been looking for a job and so I was going to talk about my 10 month gap between college and my first job, but then I got hired! So we pivoted the topic. I talk about art school, critiques, what I did in my off time, my life, and some general advice for students.

also enjoy my ugly voice and me stumbling a million times over my mic audio cutting out (Thanks internet) and me forgetting to talk about branding as much as I should have, among other things. Shoutouts to everyone that's supported me so consider this one way of me giving back!


Also go follow me on twitter, and these two!

Me - 

Dylan - 

Ryan - 

Tutorials coming soon!

General / 20 May 2019

Hey guys!

A bit of radio silence as I expected with the move and starting my job/career, but I just ordered a Microphone and new desk so I can start to record some tutorials! I'll be releasing the first one hopefully by Mid June as a fundamentals of Substance Designer. If you guys have anything you would like to see in it, feel free to comment or send me a DM on artstation!



I got a JORB!

General / 09 April 2019

Hi guys!

Sorry that I havent uploaded any tutorials like I promised, but I have some exciting news! I've just accepted a Contract Position as a texture artist at Naughty Dog! I start on April 30th so sadly my artstation activity's gonna be down the drain while I work on moving, getting housing, and the whole shebang. Thanks to absolutely everyone who has supported me so far and I'm excited to start making some more personal work purely for fun!



New Publication - The Rookies

General / 28 March 2019

Hey guys!

I had an awesome time at GDC. to all my new followers I met there, and to all the folks that had followed me and said hi to me, I was super excited to meet you guys! Personal work is going to slow down because of some outside obligations I have for the next 2 weeks but I did want to share that I am now a contributor to The Rookies Blog! I'm pretty excited to have another publication out now and am grateful to Alwyn and co. for reaching out to me to write this post.

You guys can read the article here, and check out my submission!

GDC 2019!

General / 18 March 2019

Hi ya'll! I'm visiting GDC in Sunny San Fran for the week! I'll be lurking around all the Substance Day talks and going to the expo all three days. If you see my nametag with my name on it feel free to say hi to me! I usually have a big goofy grin so I'm tough to miss.

As for the scene, I have a lot of work I still want to do on it but Material work and planning for this conference have slowed me down, so I figured I would upload the modular kit so far, foliage isnt pictured since its still in the SpeedTree pipes.

I hope everyone who's attending has a great time!

80 Level Article - Storytelling in Substance Designer

General / 25 February 2019

Hey guys! I had the privilege of writing for 80 level last weekend and it was posted today! Thanks to Kirill Tokarev for allowing me to share my work on his platform

You can read the article here -

Big Portfolio Rehaul!

General / 16 February 2019

Hey guys! I got some awesome feedback from Dennis Porter and Chris Perrella recently about lighting, and I went through yesterday and updated every material I had that didn't have over 100 likes and updated the lighting and marmoset views, as well as how I present the texture flats. My Portfolio is a bit more homogonized now. Thanks to them for the feedback, and I'll likely take another lighting pass soon.

Here's one of the relights!~ The thumbnails of most pieces have changed as well. Go check out the new and improved me! We learn every day :D