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My Year in Review

General / 01 January 2020

Hi everyone c:

This is my big appreciation post to everyone who ever supported my work this year. For some of you who dont know, I graduated from SCAD in June 2018 which was a very big day for me. My mother had passed away three years prior and was the one who had always pushed me to better myself and be more proactive. Because of the support this site gave me, I was able to push beyond and receive my first job in the game industry at Naughty Dog, where I am surrounded by people who love what they do.

When I graduated I didn't know what I wanted to do with myself. I didn't feel like I was a very good environment artist but I found my calling with Substance, but working off of a dingy laptop in my public library, all of you who ever gave me a glance or liked my art was the validation I needed to know that I was doing 'something' correct. As my follower count grew, I knew that I was doing something that people enjoyed, but even more importantly, I was enjoying it as well. It's a psychological thing for people to be engrossed in their social media, and think they are talented only because their numbers are increasing, which I've found now being at my job for a time...I care less and less about that. When someone is trying to enter the industry, my follower count was the only validation I had. "Hey, people in the industry liked your work and like what you do" and how that has slowly chipped away at my psyche as I realize now I'm making art for me and that I like.

I really want to give so many shout outs to people on this website, I really do. I have so many people in Dinusty, I have so many people I met through SCAD, my facebook, you name it. I could go on and on and on. Everyone here who gave me that initial push and still inspires me by making great art of their own, it makes me have the itch to do art again on my own time, but only for myself. Thats one of my new years resolutions. Care less about my numbers going up (Or down) and care more about making the best product I can. I'm past the phase of my life where I feel like that matters, and realistically, nobody should think that way. It's just what happened to me.

So all of you, when you see art that inspires you, make good art because its what YOU want to make. Make good art that inspires you, in fact, just make art! Thats my new years resolution to you guys, make some great art, and make art because you enjoy it!

My other is to read more books without pictures ;)

So cheers to everyone for a great 2019, thank you for your support, for helping me get into the industry, and making my mom so happy, wherever she may be. I'll continue to work hard and improve and make games everyone enjoys playing, my dream since I was 11. Connect each other through these amazing worlds :D

Seeya soon 2020