Thanksgiving Artstation Challenge Update!

General / 22 November 2018

New Artstation Challenge Update!

General / 08 November 2018

Wowee! Look at that! Another update! I think the houses have come pretty far. Might edit the cliffs some but that will wait till I've covered them with foliage first. Trying to still think about what I should be spending the most time on. Learning a lot!


New Update for the Artstation Challenge!

General / 01 November 2018

I updated my thread on the Artstation Challenge Here! It's been going pretty well so far. I'm going to a wedding next weekend so I have less time then I would like. Still got 31 days to go so need to speed up!

Substance Substance Substance

General / 31 October 2018

The Artstation Challenge has been super fun but boy is it exhausting! I decided to take two days off, one for pleasure and the other to make a new material. Wanted to try and get it as good as possible within one day and I think this is one of my best ones ever. Posted it here for those whom wanna view!

Substances for AS Challenge!

General / 18 October 2018

Hey ya'll! Made some new materials. Further breakdown Here!

Artstation Challenge!

General / 16 October 2018

I'm participating in the Artstation Challenge ya'll! Nice way to take a small break from Substance only, which has been all my activity the last few months.

Check out my Submission here c:

Substance WIP Round BAJILLION!

General / 10 October 2018

Blocked in the rough shape of a new material. Gonna spend some time getting it up to the next level~

Another new Substance WIP

General / 08 October 2018

I decided to give one of these Hard Surface/Organics a shot! I'm aiming to have it done within the next 2 days since I've been working only about an hour a day at a time for 3 days. Now with Family events out of the way I can devote more time to it~

More Substance Practice

General / 04 October 2018

Did some more practice after that rock material improved a great deal. Did Daniel Thiger's famous Sand Rocks tutorial! I didn't feel like it's worth posting in my portfolio though as it was more of an exercise that;s oversaturated on Artstation already. Still enjoy!

New Material in Progress!

General / 26 September 2018

Been fooling around with Substance Designer all Summer and now I'm making some better materials. Here's one I've been working on!

Rocky ground with dirt.

Critique away!