Big Portfolio Rehaul!

General / 16 February 2019

Hey guys! I got some awesome feedback from Dennis Porter and Chris Perrella recently about lighting, and I went through yesterday and updated every material I had that didn't have over 100 likes and updated the lighting and marmoset views, as well as how I present the texture flats. My Portfolio is a bit more homogonized now. Thanks to them for the feedback, and I'll likely take another lighting pass soon.

Here's one of the relights!~ The thumbnails of most pieces have changed as well. Go check out the new and improved me! We learn every day :D


General / 14 February 2019

I hit 400 followers today! I never would have thought a year ago I could have ever made it this far. When I left school I had a mere 26 followers, most of which were friends but now I've gotten quite a few new faces whom come and look at my art.

I've never felt more driven. As my page gains more traffic, my confidence grows. I know I'm improving. And I will continue to produce art to a higher and higher standard. Never stop dreaming and working.


New Year - Newish Scene

General / 06 January 2019

Happy New Year everyone! I mentioned 2 weeks ago having started a new scene though the holidays did their darndest to keep me away from it. I finally got a little bit of time to rough it out and toss a material in to start feeling out the piece. Probably gonna be a while before I show it off again!

New Scene Started!

General / 22 December 2018

I'm working on a new scene, even during some of the holidays!~ I threw together the blockout after gathering some reference but here's a first pass at one of the materials Can't wait to make some more!

Thanksgiving Artstation Challenge Update!

General / 22 November 2018

New Artstation Challenge Update!

General / 08 November 2018

Wowee! Look at that! Another update! I think the houses have come pretty far. Might edit the cliffs some but that will wait till I've covered them with foliage first. Trying to still think about what I should be spending the most time on. Learning a lot!


New Update for the Artstation Challenge!

General / 01 November 2018

I updated my thread on the Artstation Challenge Here! It's been going pretty well so far. I'm going to a wedding next weekend so I have less time then I would like. Still got 31 days to go so need to speed up!

Substance Substance Substance

General / 31 October 2018

The Artstation Challenge has been super fun but boy is it exhausting! I decided to take two days off, one for pleasure and the other to make a new material. Wanted to try and get it as good as possible within one day and I think this is one of my best ones ever. Posted it here for those whom wanna view!

Substances for AS Challenge!

General / 18 October 2018

Hey ya'll! Made some new materials. Further breakdown Here!

Artstation Challenge!

General / 16 October 2018

I'm participating in the Artstation Challenge ya'll! Nice way to take a small break from Substance only, which has been all my activity the last few months.

Check out my Submission here c: