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General / 30 August 2019

Hi ya'll!

Ok so Middle of June was a very bad estimate. I've been really busy with work and with my life, enjoying that Ive taken some time off to avoid burnout from my long grind into the industry. However I have recently really wanted to go and start those tutorials.

THIS time I won't have an exact date because we all know how that went, but aside from general nodes, if you guys have any suggestions for topics you want me to cover, feel free to let me know via dm!~ I check them daily and my twitter.

I also wanted to take the time to congratulate everyone who won/got honorable mention in the artstation challenge! There were so many awesome submissions and that was extremely motivating to see all the wonderful art. It's been honestly super hard trying to balance work and personal work and having a social life and trying to stay healthy, but thats just the new challenges I face in the industry! Every day I get a little more comfortable and think, it's ok to have lazy days or just go outside and enjoy life.

Thank you guys for the continued support, as my artstation continues to get followers and people send me nice dms that they like my work. You all make it worth it. Cheers!


PS. Fire Emblem has consumed my soul