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Pixel Pusher Podcast - Episode #1 with Charlie Foreman, Texture Artist at Naughty Dog!

General / 02 June 2019

Hey guys!

I was on a podcast last week with my good buds Dylan Abernethy and Ryan Levac! Originally I was approached for being on because we were friends and I had been looking for a job and so I was going to talk about my 10 month gap between college and my first job, but then I got hired! So we pivoted the topic. I talk about art school, critiques, what I did in my off time, my life, and some general advice for students.

also enjoy my ugly voice and me stumbling a million times over my mic audio cutting out (Thanks internet) and me forgetting to talk about branding as much as I should have, among other things. Shoutouts to everyone that's supported me so consider this one way of me giving back!


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