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The Last of Us Part II - Santa Barbara - Resort - LOOKDEV

This is the very first level I worked on what I joined Naughty Dog, and also the first I ever worked on in the Game Industry, so it holds a small place in my heart. I spent my first bit of time Lookdeving a majority of the poolside resort area, helping get the initial look down and picking early material and texture palettes. Huge shoutout to Mike Yadao for being an amazing partner. Sean VanGorder did all the texture work shown here
Responsible for Lookdev Shader Work pre Alpha –Charlie Foreman
All Texture/Shader work after Lookdev –Sean Vangorder
Modeling –Mike Yadao
Design –Emilia Schatz
Lighting –Boon Cotter
FX –Quinn Kazamaki and Mary Jane Whiting