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The Last of Us Part II - Medicine - Rapids

This was the second level I worked on while at Naughty Dog, and the one I worked on for the longest amount of time. I worked on this level from blockout to beta under the amazing guidance of Mike Yadao, who provided some absolutely incredible direction for getting this space up and running before I passed it off to Sean Vangorder who wrapped it up amazingly for Gold. I hope you guys enjoy!
Responsible for Shader/texture work on Blockout, Alpha, and Beta –Charlie Foreman
Gold and Lock Shader/Textures -Sean Vangorder
Modeling - Mike Yadao
Lighting by Bethany Lo
FX -Quinn Kazamaki, Emily Overfelt, Joy Liberatore
Design Layout -Michael Barclay
Design Scripting - jack Reynolds and Jeff Wright
Graphics -Hailey Del Rio