Substance Designer - Zipper Fabric

Personal project I did in my spare time since starting at Naughty Dog! I happen to be a huge huge huge fan of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure and think a lot of the character designs are just amazing. Since Part 5 is airing as an anime right now, I thought I would do a study of my favorite character in the part, Bruno Bucciarati. Working with the zippers was interesting to say the least. 100% Substance Designer...As per usual :) Enjoy! And go check out this series. I think I might do more outfit studies from the series.

Charlie foreman screenshot004
Charlie foreman screenshot002
Charlie foreman flatsfabricbucciarati
Charlie foreman ballbreakdown

Albedo, Normal, Roughness, AO, Normal, Metallic

Charlie foreman graph


Charlie foreman reference

Bruno Bucciarati, the inspiration for this piece.