Substance Designer - Abandoned Office Floor 2.25 cm Planks

"When everyone moves out of the office, only what was left from their desks is left on the ground. The floors old and heavy, the grain deep and squeaky, and the cling of loose change and paper clips falling from within the desks"

What started as a quick wood exercise quickly became a tiny narrative. Quad Transform greyscale was used excessively for the Abe Lincoln head. Very fun node I'm going to try to use more! Scale was a fun exercise to play with in this material, given the size of the planks compared to the clips and pennies.

100% Substance Designer

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Charlie foreman screenshot004
Charlie foreman screenshot005
Charlie foreman graph
Charlie foreman ballbreakdown

Base Color, Normal, Metallic, AO, Height, Roughness

Charlie foreman flats
Charlie foreman reference

Left, Pennies and Paper Clip on my own kitchen floor for scale, Right/Center were primary references used from moodboard.