Arcade Environment Remake Final Update

General / 29 August 2018

Wow it's been a long time since this project started. Once work ended I felt like I got in a much better flow of the work that I needed to get done. Most things have been added so there are just a few small tweaks I need to make to this project.

I decided to get rid of the banner because I felt it was far too eye catching for the scene. The machines themselves are arranged so that they provide a nice line through the walls and The big piece of fabric felt very out of place to me in the scene. I also added and rearranged some machines and for the first time, a second glimpse at the level

I added a total of 6 machines. For the two angles I need for my camera shots, I felt that was enough without overpowering the machines.

Here's my current lighting setup. My first time using multiple sphere reflection captures. A skylight with a very light cubemap helps to get the blue tint I want on the sides of the walls and to keep objects from being blown out

And a pretty detail Lighting shot because who doesnt like those?

Next time people see this scene it will be up on Artstation!