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Arcade Environment Remake, Update 4

General / 31 July 2018

Wowee it's been a while hasn't it? Well I've been busy with iD Tech but FINALLY camp is over! Since then I've been combing over the scene and getting feedback from some friends about little changes and things to go over when I'm adjusting the scene.

The first thing I've done that is incredibly notable is scrap the previous concrete wall texture for something with a little more volume. I decided after looking through some images and being out at Chinese food one day that Bricks would be a better alternative since they are darker, have texture breakup, and are overall a bit less plain and should spice up the room without making it more distracting. Thanks a to a lovely tutorial from Josh Lynch that my friend Daniel Brown so graciously directed me to, I followed it along and then made many adjustments to make the bricks more my own for my own scene. Below is the finished wall product.

And the graph below, again the base of the tutorial was heavily modified to make them more my own.

In addition to all that, there have been lots of changes in the lefthand side of the room!

First of all, the Unreal guy has been added into the scene to help me get a better sense of scale for the environment. I've been working primarily with him inside of Maya, but adding him to the scene itself gives a lot better sense of how big my objects need to be.

Second, the Popcorn Machine received another overhaul. I wasn't too happy with parts of it, so I got some feedback and was able to tweak it so it is more acceptable. I've also added some  new things to the counter, which I think as an asset I'm going to overhaul for the next update. I feel like it's too distracting and I can make it a bit fancier. I also added a register to the mix to go alongside the machine, helping to make the space look a bit more occupied. Fooling with the sizes a bit more, but that will likely be adjusted again by the next update with the new counter.

Speaking of the Counter, I did some work underneath and started filling the baskets with prizes. I made a special material in Substance Designer for them, with an Opacity Mask for holes. The graph is below

And with the graph applied to the material. I set up a Material Instance that allows me to Lerp between different tears and folds in the paper, along with the pictured number, this allowed me to only use a few different albedos and opacity masks to get the desired effects i want. Still deciding what I want to put in all the baskets for now!

I ended up spending a day or so just refining things around this corner. I want to make sure it gets a nice bit of detail in it since there are a lot more small assets and since the camera angle lends it to being closer to the foreground. Once I have the entire counter section done, its time to move back onto the big machines for some more hearty textures.

Updates will be a lot more frequent now that work is done! So thank you to all who have read this and keep checking back for more!