Arcade Environment Remake, Update 6

General / 16 August 2018

Lots of progress was made yesterday. I sent the scene around to a few places to get some feedback, including friends and the Dinusty Empire server and came out with some new changes I'm going to move forward on.

Wow this place has changed a lot hasn't it?~ I added some more guys so I could triple check all of my model scales. Most of them are where I want them. But as you can see, the room layout has also changed a bit. I've moved a lot of the machines since the left side of the room was beginning to overpower the rest of the scene. I'll likely add some more trash and wrappers to the floor, similar to my old scene to help liven up the carpet. I've also changed the ceiling to panels and incorporated Splines into my workflow.

I've also added a banner which needs a bit more work. I used Ncloth in Maya to make a quick simulation but might go into Marvelous Designer if I feel I need something fancier. It's pretty flat right now, so I'll add some girth to it when I texture.

Nothing too fancy, but it allows me to fool with pipes and the ceiling guards without placing each model by hand, which saves a bit of time when I'm fooling with them. Wires from the machines are still required, so I'll use this BP to make more of them to help fill dead space.

Alongside the splines, the pipes and supports aren't the only things I've changed with the upper part. It has a brand new ceiling!

It's nothing super fancy, just a tile sampler with noises blended in for a tiny bit of variation. I used a directional Warp to help make sure each tile was more varied. Every little bit helps! Substance Designer is great for making these quick little textures.

The other thing I've done is start to figure out what I want the final lighting to look like. I did my first pass with the Post Process and came out with something like this

It definitely makes the colors pop a bit more. It's still prone to adjustment but for a first pass I'm satisfied.

On the new Arcade Machines and Coin Machine, it's more using textures I already have bases for, so after that it's just micro detailing. It's starting to come together in a way I like!