Arcade Environment Remake, Update 5

General / 08 August 2018

Hey I actually got a Blog Post out on time! Things are going pretty swimmingly on this project. I think I'm starting to figure out an endpoint for the product now that I've got most of the larger meshes complete. As of right now, the only two big things left to texture are the Coin Machine and the final Arcade Machine.

But first, big changes have happened since last time.

 While the lighting isn't final, I've spent most of the week refining the upper and lefthand sections of the scene. I've added a completely new counter and have begun to start populating it with small props. I'm much happier with the first pass at it as it helps to make the lefthand side of the screen more interesting. I was considering adding some more big props to the floor but once I add more posters, I'll want a centralized spot for the viewer's eyes to rest.

Lets go over some of the new changes made to the scene.

The first big change I made was to the counter itself, and added some smudging to the glass. The side by side below shows the difference along with the changed assets. I thought the register was in a bit of a strange spot before with it's angle, so I moved it to a different part of the counter to make it less cluttered. The Popcorn Boxes were just opacity masks in designer, a very quick one two punch node setup. The cooler with the sodas was provided to help fill the new counter spaces.

In addition, I never really liked my new light fixtures, so I decided to go back to the old similar lights I had in my old scene. I think the interesting wavy shapes and the brighter colors make for a more interesting visual. Since the colors I used before were pink green and blue, they help to form a white light and can provide emissive color without overpowering the other palettes. Note to self, don't go insane with Bloom this time, as a primary problem with the Post Process in the last scene was I was far too heavy handed with it.

One asset that's gotten a bit lost is the ticket machine, I'll be doing some light cleanup once we near the end of the scene. With only a few more assets like left to clean up the place, It won't be long till we're onto lighting and then finishing the exterior of the scene. I've added some smudging to the windows but I'll have to move it around a bit and make it a bit more prominent.

Thats all for this update! Next update the goal is all the textures and models being done!