Arcade Environment Remake, Update 6.5

General / 21 August 2018

Quick image drop because I've been fooling with a few things even though it hasnt been a week!

Made a brand new arcade machine to help keep the shapes less repetitive, and added some debris of Popcorn and Tickets on the floor! Also am fooling with the lighting and a few textures a bit more. The Frogger Machine looks too blown out so I'm gonna work on that. Assorted other small fixes include some color changes to the pipes, and a sticker on the register.

Started texturing the coin drop machine but have a lot more to do on that, and need to finish the banner. I've started fooling with Zbrush so I'll use that to help add more volume to the banner.

Also woah glass looks a bit more humid. Still not entirely happy with it but it's getting there.

Last thing was adjusted the camera a bit to make it more level with the human eye