Kindled Dreams

This was our final project at SCAD. A game of which I was the Producer/Product Owner and an Environment Artist. On this project my responsibilities included modeling, texturing, lighting, level design, setdressing, particles, and optimization. I also created and managed agile sprint sheets.

My team of 10 which I led opted for a more stylized art style, with a warm color palette and Indonesian influences. The assets for the project were divided amongst 4 people. My contributions are pictured above the video at the bottom of the page. I was responsible for designing the blockouts for both levels and sculpting our landscapes. I enjoyed this project and it provided me with great insight in the production of a game and leading a large team.

The game was rendered and made in Unreal Engine 4.

Charlie foreman kindle sanctuary

Level 1 Shot

Charlie foreman kindle cliff

Level 1 Shot

Charlie foreman kindle grove

Level 1 Shot

Charlie foreman l2 1

Level 2 shot.

Charlie foreman highresscreenshot00000

Level 2 shot.

Charlie foreman render of assets

These are the assets I modeled for the project. Two assets (the arch and the instruments) were textured by another member of the team. Many of our assets were modular and were repeated several times throughout our two levels.

This is the Trailer we released for the project!