This is an Arcade that I created as a personal project and tracked through my blog to see how far I've come with 3D. Every single asset in this scene with the exception of the machine decals and posters were created by me. All of those properties belong to their respective companies. The scene is rendered in Unreal Engine. Modular Kit and Model Sheets rendered in Marmoset. This was a fun exploration with glass, reflection, post process, and different lighting techniques.

You can read my process as I worked on it on my blog here

Special thanks to Daniel Brown who gave me a lot of feedback while working on this project. Check out his stuff here!

Charlie foreman highresscreenshot00053
Charlie foreman highresscreenshot00052
Charlie foreman highresscreenshot00051
Charlie foreman highresscreenshot00054

Detail Lighting within Unreal Engine

Charlie foreman wireframe

Wireframes. Rendered in Marmoset.

Charlie foreman modular kit

Modular Kit used.

Charlie foreman arcade machine render

One of the Arcade Machines.

Charlie foreman skeeball machine render

Skee-Ball Machine

Charlie foreman substance designer stuff

Some Substance Designer Materials I created for the scene.

Charlie foreman processgif

Process GIF